The Wedding Day of Aaron and Jeslyn Hebert | Wedding Day in Orange, Tx

The Wedding Day of Aaron and Jeslyn Hebert | Wedding Day in Orange, Tx

Why did you pick Jake Austin Films?

 Your work is amazing and we have seen first hand just how great you are to work with. We both agree that we love how personal and classy the opening portion is and then it goes into (usually) the toasts and partying later! Jeslyn loves your attention to detail!

You guys.. What do you do? How do you spend your time together? What is important in life to you?

Family first. Just our family (up to first cousins), as you'll see at the ceremony, combined makes up to a hundred people alone. We spend our time with our family and friends, either just hanging out at a friends or going on a spontaneous weekend trip with them.

Traveling is our thing. We look forward to traveling to new places together and the memories we'll make. We base these trips usually around water (surprise!)

Work is a priority. We both work two jobs. We both understand that when we say we have to work, we allow the other to do so and help them however we can. Not many people understand this, but when you both own your own business, one can relate.

The proposal... Tell me everything (all the details)

Lake Havasu City, Arizona. One of the first vacations we ever went on together and now we go yearly, if not more. The best memories we share together are on the water, whether it's on vacation by a beach or lake, on Aaron's boat or waterskiing.

Aaron proposed to me on the front of his F26 DCB in Lake Havasu, Arizona, while going through the gorge. We take this picture almost religiously when going through it, just because the views are breathtaking! There was a "shadow" on my face from his hat, so he went to put it up. When he came back to pose for another picture, he was down on one knee! Full disclosure, I was in such shock, I didn't say "yes" until he asked, "so is that a yes?" I just kept saying, "for real, for real?!"

We celebrated that night with the friends who traveled there for the occasion (I was under the impression they just really wanted a vacation). Now, Lake Havasu City is even more special than it was before to us!

The Venue/s? Why this place over everywhere else?

Our home, Utopia Ski Lake in Orangefield, Texas. This is the place Aaron and I began waterskiing at several years ago and then our home came up for sale. This is where we plan to spend all our years ahead. I have always wanted an outdoor wedding, but the water and memories made here just made it meant to be!

What experience do you want to give your guests?

 Unique. A description of "that's so Aaron and Jeslyn".

Details mean a lot to us. I'm a stickler when it comes design, especially graphic design details and Aaron plays along. From the invitations, to all the decorations, the music chosen, the flowers and pure simplicity of everything; I want our guests to remember the sweet details we chose, see the love and happiness we share, know how much we appreciate them attending and without a doubt, have TOO MUCH fun partying.

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