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We make soulful wedding films.

We aren't particularly big personalities or flamboyant, but we are so stoked for your wedding day. Whether it is crazy weather, change of schedule, or frantic bridesmaids, you can bet that we're going to do whatever it takes to make your day perfect. We love working with craziness and we've seen it all so nothing scares us anymore. We're not the type to run your day selfishly. Stopping every five minutes to pose and repose you isn't our style. This isn't our wedding day, it's yours. We like to let the day flow and work with your photographer to put you in the best light. Yet, we will step up and let you know if we need something important. We want you feel comfortable and remember your day the way it was. Do you want to carve out special time for some dramatic portraits before the ceremony? Done. Do you want keep the day flowing and focus on the people around you over yourself? Done. We're here to serve you.

-Jacob Trevino Owner, Director of Jake Austin Films

Not just another wedding film.

Jake Austin Film | Texas & Beyond

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