Trevor & Amelia | Intimate Wedding Day in Woodland Park, Co

Tell us a little about you two!

Amelia is a nurse and Trevor is a train conductor at BNSF Railway. Just like any couple we love our lazy days watching movies eating in and cuddling on the couch with our 2 dogs. But the top 3 things we do besides our lazy days is taking our camper out and going camping for a few days rain or shine, going to the coyote drive in downtown Fort Worth and hosting game nights / parties for friends and family.

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?

We want to be able to show our friends and family our wedding day but still be able to have an intimate ceremony without a crowd.

Why did you pick Jake Austin Films?

I loved that you were able to have a glimpse "short clip" of Mckenzies day done before we were even finished having dinner and I really enjoy how your videos look.”

The proposal, from Amelia’s perspective:

We were going camping for the weekend with my family and he asked if his mom could meet us there to eat dinner, at first I thought this was odd and thought to myself "maybe he is going to propose." But when Friday got there we got to the campground and I had completely forgot about my previous suspicion the night before. Everything was normal we were all sitting around the campfire just chatting and his mom kept saying "Ok we better get going we have a long drive" (she said it about 5times) I thought "man she must really want to leave" soon to find out she was just trying to hurry Trevor up. When we all stood up to say goodbye Trevor said "well its time to stop wasting time" and then what seemed like 5minutes of silence I thought to myself "he better not be pulling a prank on me". He said some words that did not make a lot of since but the thing that did was "I LOVE you with all my heart" this was the FIRST time he told me he loved me and we had been dating for 2yrs and 3months. After that it was kinda all a blur. He got us shirts that said "#finally" "#engaged" and another set of matching t-shirts that had a line through girl/boyfriend and said "fiance' and fiancee'". (This was super special because I love making t-shirts and he tricked my cousin into making them and she had no clue they were for us!) Then we just enjoyed the weekend together as a newly engaged couple and I wore a straw for a spacer because my ring was too big!

The proposal, from Trevor’s perspective:

Just a normal weekend we went camping at Loafers Bend Park at Lake Whitney with Amelias parents. My mother just "happen to be able to meet us out there for dinner" everyone knew but Amelia. And because of that i made everyone wait for a very long time making them think i got cold feet. obviously i didn't bc here we are. but I started it off with saying, Amelia I love you (something I have never said until I was going to propose) then I kinda blacked out and just mumbled a bunch of stuff (embarrassing) got on one knee and took out the ring. Popped the question. She said yes and there were tears and drinks.

When choosing to have an intimate wedding, Amelia had this to say:

We love Colorado and wanted to do it somewhere intimate and beautiful. I always say "Colorado is Gods country" so why not get married there! We are getting married in my Aunts front yard, no matter the weather it is beautiful, if it is not snowing you can see Pikes Peak in the background.

Thank you Amelia and Trevor, for allowing us to capture your Intimate wedding in Colorado! We were honored to be able to be a part of such a huge day. - Jake

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