Jeremy and Kaitlyn Farmer | Wedding Day at The Farmhouse in Montgomery, Tx

The Wedding of Kaitlyn and Jeremy

Jeremy and Kaitlyn were married at The Farmhouse in Montgomery, Tx on February 22, 2019. Wedding videography by Jake Austin Films and Photography by Kate Elizabeth Photography. All wedding planning and design was by Felecia with Wed & Prosper. Music and dancing courtesy of J Kelley Productions, some of the best in the biz.

You guys.. How do you spend your time together? What is important in life to you?

We enjoy spending time with our family and friends as often as we can. We like the same shows (Friends, The Office, Parks & Rec, etc.) and watching Texas A&M football. Things that are important: being there for one another (including for family & friends), living life to the fullest, experiencing new things/places together, having a loving and lasting relationship.

Why did you choose The Farmhouse Events for your wedding day?

 It was exactly what I pictured for our day. It had a chapel with great views, a completely blank slate to make our own, the staff were kind and very helpful. I was able to truly picture us getting married there from the beginning

Why did you choose us to capture your Farmhouse Wedding in Montgomery?

I saw the "Shaw Wedding Film" on Facebook and instantly got chills. I knew I wanted my perfect day to be portrayed the in the same way. It wasn't even a couple I knew and I still got tears in my eyes.

What experience did you want to give your guests at The Farmhouse?

We wanted people to have a great time! We wanted things to be fun, and our guests to be happy and excited to celebrate. We wanted our love to be the focus and theme of the night. Smiles everywhere!

How did Jeremy propose?

Kaitlyn’s Version - I'll start by saying I had NO idea...and that's exactly how I wanted it! We had been planning to go to the Texas A&M vs. Alabama game since the beginning of the season, so we loaded up our bags and our "dinosaur" (our Great Dane named Nyx) and headed towards College Station. We went to dinner with my sister Hailey, and then headed to her house to spend the night. I was expecting a few friends to show up the next day for tailgating, along with the usual crew, so I was trying to coordinate (or so I thought) before heading to bed and starting a busy gameday.

We woke up the next morning and headed to my parents' tailgate. We weren't there more than 30 minutes when Jeremy decided he wanted to go to his friends' tailgate on the other side of campus. I was hesitant, but he said we could come back and eat with my family before heading to the game. I agreed, and we started walking. Jeremy had stated previously he wanted to walk through campus rather than take the bus around to the other side since we hadn't seen all the changes to campus recently, so we took the long way. However, it was HOT! And there was NO breeze whatsoever, so we were both sweating. On top of that, Jeremy (who I later realized was a little nervous) was walking a lot faster than usual, which didn't help at all.

As we were walking through the middle of campus (which most people know as Military Walk) we were discussing which way would be more shaded since it was so warm outside. We agreed on the side closest to the Century Tree. However, as we got closer Jeremy said "Let's go this way..." and I got a funny feeling. Just as we turned the corner we see our friend Kelsey SPRINTING towards the other side of the tree (mind you this is a very large tree). I was like "That's a Barta" (her last name) and Jeremy called out to her. She was quick on her feet (figuratively and literally) and said "I can't find my fiancé or my dog!" We laughed a little and kept walking. As we approached the tree I started to figure things out and asked Jeremy if I should put my cup from the tailgate down. He said "I don't know" and I was frantic and nervous and said "If we are going to take NICE pictures I need to set this down!" He just laughed at me as I put it on one of the steps of the building nearby. Then as we start walking under the tree I hear our friends Laura and Stephanie (Wedge) giggling and talking. I laughed and yelled at them "Y'all are the worst hiders ever!" They also thought it was funny and said "You can't see us! We aren't real!" (a typical response from them). Little did I know that Jeremy had sent the ring to Laura's house so I wouldn't find it and they were trying to figure out a way to get it to him (at one point Cheetos were involved).

Anyway, they "snuck" the ring to Jeremy and he held my hands as we were under the tree and talked about our lives together, surviving a hurricane, and again our "dinosaur". I started to tear up, but he kept me laughing as he always does. Before we got too emotional, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I immediately said YES!!! Our family members then popped out of hiding and I could not have been more surprised and excited.

The rest of the day was spent celebrating with friends and family, and being completely overwhelmed with love from those who couldn't be there in person. Oh, and we got to go to the Aggie game with some pretty great signs, and it was a lot of fun (even though they lost).

Jeremy’s Version - It was a warm night. 80 degrees, mild humidity.. Some would say it was an actual pleasant evening for Texas (It has it's good days). Little did I know, this seemingly normal night would be a start of a connection, friendship, and a relationship that will grow into me taking her hand at the altar. This is the story of the first time I met Kaitlyn Alys.

As most people would know, college boys don't have the "lacking of an appetite". More of a, don't put your hand in front of them, if you still want your fingers. My stomach was growling during the stay on campus for an event called Shack-a-thon for our organization. As a more established member I tested my luck, and asked, "Does any one have any Dining Dollars left?!" Not knowing which was louder: my stomach, or my actual voice. For a little info, Dining Dollars are the "cash" a student can spend at the eateries and stores on the Texas A&M campus. Students living on campus usually have plenty to go around at the end of the semester due to over zealous parents not wanting their child to go hungry, but think they'll eat the Michael Phelps diet. After I asked the question, I hear a faint, "I have some." I look around in the crowd of people sprawled out on the concrete floor. Scanning to see who was the mystery voice until I found her face. Dressed in an oversized pink sweat shirt and grey sweatpants, the most gorgeous girl stands up with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. At that moment, my heart was bigger than my stomach ever could be.

On to the good part.

It was gameday in Aggieland. The sun was out, skies were blue. It was hot. People were busy rushing around, unpacking food and supplies for the afternoon's tailgates. Raising up canopies and taking out ice chests to endure the heat of the Texas sun. Did I mention it was hot? Kaitlyn and I made it to her Dad's Corps buddies group tailgate that we usually hang out at before the games. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I knew what was going to take place that day, but was trying to keep calm so I can have Kaitlyn follow the plan without her knowing. We made the usual rounds of hellos to people, and finally got to hang out with her parents, grandma "Nana", and her sister Hailey. They were all smiles and had a few winks at me, giddy at what was going to happen for their daughter, granddaughter, and sister. However, I'm nervous like a little school girl, repeating in my head what i was going to say to Kaitlyn when the time comes. Asking ridiculous questions to myself: "Should I kneel on my good knee?, What happens if I sneeze midway though?, Which way should I face?, Why am I still talking to myself?" So, once Tina (Kaitlyn's mom) made adult beverages, and handed them out, I drank it faster than a cheetah with its tail on fire. Stick to the plan Jeremy, stick to the plan I told myself. I offered the idea to Kaitlyn that we should go see some friends that were tailgating on the other side of campus, and reassured her that we could make it back for food later. She agreed, as I took her hand for the last time as just boyfriend and girlfriend.

We followed the shade of the trees and class buildings, because HAVE I SAID IT WAS HOT YET?? I don't know if it was the heat or the anticipation, or both, but I caught myself pulling Kaitlyn like a toy wagon down the sidewalk. I slowed down since I knew this was a memory to remember. We finally got to the edge of Sbisa on North side, when I stated, "We should go that way." Kaitlyn had a suspicion as she looked at me squinting faced and said "o-ohkayyyy?" This is the final stretch, I can't fold now. I scrambled, "Yeah, I haven't been down Military walk in forever, just want to relive the olden days" OK, she bought it. I thought we were in the clear as all problems were avoided. 200 ft to go. All of a sudden, out from the corner of my eye, I see one of our friends full on sprinting towards the way of the century tree. "That's a Barta," Kaitlyn was puzzled yet glad to see the familiar face of Kelsey Barta (one of the bridesmaids now). I was just face palming in my head as I texted everyone that morning to be at the century tree at 11:30. It was 11:42. "I uh...*pant*....I lost my fiancee and my dog. I think they went this way", she stammered. I wanted to give her a standing ovation as that was a great coverup if I ever heard one. We continued to walk towards the tree, as Kaitlyn's suspicions became a reality. "Should I put this down?" signaling the solo cup from the tailgate. "Because, if we are going to take nice pictures, I need to set this down." All i could come up with at that point of no return was, the typical guy remark, "mmm, I don't know" with a shrug. Kaitlyn finally put it all together as we come up to the tree and we see our friends Laura and Wedge hiding worse than 4 year olds playing hide-n-go seek behind tree branches.

She puts down the cup on the steps of the building, holding my hand tightly. I can see her beginning to tear up with happiness walking down the concrete course that goes underneath the tree. She's laughing with a smile as I can't take my eyes off of her. We finally end up underneath the Century Tree. I turn her. She faces me. Both smiling like kids on Christmas day. Wedge quickly tries to put the ring in my pocket, panics, then just hands me the ring. I have blinders on as I'm in the zone now. I gave my speech, fighting back the emotions to get the words out clearly. I wanted to portray that if we can get through the things we've been through, we can get through everything in life together. We survived a Hurricane and survive when our "mini-horse" aka "the dinosaur" aka our great dane Nyx, steps on our feet constantly. I got down on one knee, and asked Kaitlyn, "Would you marry me?" with a quick response of "Yes!"

It was a great day, and a memorable one at that. We spent the day with our loved ones as my parents came up to witness the event as well as the majority of Kaitlyn's already there. Friends joined and we celebrated the joyous occasion. This is just the start of our story together.

To Jeremy and Kaitlyn:

Thank you both for choosing us to capture your big day, we loved every moment we spent working on this film and we can’t wait to see what life brings your way!

-The Trevinos

Jake Austin Films