Same Day Loops

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What is a Same Day Loop?

We create a short 2-3 minute video of your wedding day, on your wedding day.

Once completed, we display on a small laptop screen during your reception for you and your guests to enjoy.


What is the process?

Throughout your wedding day, we are capturing moments for your film as usual. In the back of minds though, we are selecting key moments to add to this short film. Since we do not capture any family portraits, we will begin piecing together your Same Day Loop during this time. We typically need between 20-30 minutes to complete your Same Day Loop. We will finish your Same Day Loop around the time the party is getting started and be able to pull you aside for you to view and enjoy your short film at this time.

Once you’ve seen it, we will find a safe and open spot for your guests to enjoy the film as the night rolls on and you can get back into the party! The “Loop” will play over and over without having to restart it each time.

What is included?

Key moments from your day like bride prep, groom prep, ceremony, and couple’s moments are what you’ll find in your Same Day Loop. Since there is no audio included, these clips are the most beautiful visuals of your day that we can fit into the 1 minute short film.

Keep scrolling to see what other brides thought of their Same Day Loop and view them for yourself!

Do we get to keep it?

Of course! We will upload the film and make a short blog post on our website for you to share the Same Day Loop with people who may or may not have been able to attend your wedding day. It will be the exact same video that was displayed at your wedding reception on your wedding day. This film can also be rolled into a “Teaser Film” (a separate add-on) with more clips, music, and audio from your big day that is delivered within 4 weeks from your date.

We’re glad you asked…

What have other brides said about it?

 What Brides are saying

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Real brides / real reviews

Over the past year we have been surprising brides with our Same Day Loops so that we can learn the process and face any unforeseen issues ahead of time. These are just a few of the brides we have served and what they really thought about the experience.


Bailey and Garrett Jones / Febrary 2, 2019

“I cannot say enough good things about Jacob. His same day loop absolutely blew us and all of our guests away. It was so special to see his work come alive and what he could do in such a small amount of time. It made us super excited to see our full video. We have watched it over and over just reliving every bit of it. Watching our family and friends faces light up as they saw a glimpse into our full day was indescribable. We are so thankful to have had Jacob be apart of our day and for the same day loop to look back on. “ - Bailey Jones Wedding Day at The Farmhouse / Photography by Angela Nobles

Madison and Destin / March 9, 2019

"The same day edit that Jacob did is amazing!! At my wedding reception, I had people coming up to me telling me how amazing my video was - come to find out, Jacob had finished the same day edit and set it out on our head table for our guests to see. We got so many compliments on it and it was awesome being ale to watch our getting ready and ceremony clip. Jacob captured some amazing shots and I'm so glad we have the same-day edit to watch while we wait for our full video from him! The edit was so beautiful, and it makes me even more excited to see what Jacob will put together for us with our full video!" Madison Ray Wedding Day at Jennings Trace / Photography by Kristen Giles Photography

Savana and Quinton / January 3, 2019

“Just when Quinton and I thought we cried all our tears, Jacob showed us our same day loop! We could not believe how beautifully Jacob was able to capture all our favorite moments! I loved having a small glimpse of the day for our guests to see! To this day, our wedding guests still bring that video up! It was so special!” Savana Payton Wedding Day at The Estates at Pecan Park/ Photography by Taylor Elizabeth Photography

Layken and Hunter / January 5, 2019

/ Photography by Laning Photography

So you want to add on?



Same Day Loop Add-On


Let’s do this! Fill out this form and I’ll add it to your wedding day order. This add-on will be billed separately and be subject to different terms than your wedding day agreement. Once we have received your form we will send you an invoice with details for your purchase.

Things to remember:

Allowing time during dinner for us to complete this is best practice. We will work with your planner/coordinator to ensure we have adequate time to prepare your Same Day Loop.

If your wedding day runs late and obstructs our time to edit, this will only delay our editing. We will have your Same Day Loop prepared before your reception ends, but prefer to have it done sooner so your guests can enjoy it!

We want to include couples moments in your Same Day Loop so some films will not be ready until after we have had time to capture your moments alone!

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