Hey There, I’m Jacob

I'm a fan of finding th best foodie spots (current favorite is Qomfort Homestyle Cooking), beef fajitas and guacamole (pappsitos or Gringos), and movie theaters (I am an avid movie go-er and aspire to own one someday). I can talk all day about traveling to Ireland and Iceland, that crazy final season of GoT, The Office/Parks and Rec and how I can quote almost every episode, and the nerdy camera stuff that makes my job fun. I have to admit that in my spare time, I do, admittedly... play Fortnite. I'm definitely the more upbeat of the two of us. I'll be the one during the reception, dancing around the crowds of your guests, singing along to every song. I'm here for a good time, but am more than happy to stay back and let the day unfold.

bio for IVEY coming soon…

Okay, Cool! Now show me the money.