What is included in the RAW footage?

The RAW footage is all the unedited video clips of the day, with certain things taken out (like when we accidentally record our feet for three minutes.) We deliver it on a hard drive for you to keep safe for all the years to come.

My Fiance doesn't like to be in front of the camera, is that okay?

This is literally everyone. And honestly, I'm not the best in front of the camera either. I would much rather be behind the camera, so I totally get it. We'll do our best to make everyone comfortable by putting ya'll in as natural of a situation as possible and giving you something to do that doesn't feel awkward or over-posed.

What is the process to booking?

If we're available for your date we'll hop on a phone call or email thread (whatever works for you) and find out what you really need for your big day. We'll then send over proposal and agreement. A $1000 deposit and signed agreement will secure your date!

Do we meet before booking?

We also know that your busy and don't always have the time to schedule something, so if that's the case just let us know and we'll set up a few phone calls. At the very least I want to FaceTime you! If we are states apart then meeting is obviously a tough thing, but that doesn't mean we won't make the effort. I want to make sure you are comfortable with us on your wedding day and the best way we've found for that to happen is to put in the time to get to know ya'll. Even if it's just a lunch meeting (cause you know we love them foodie spots), let’s get together!

What if you get sick or can't show up to our wedding?

As long as I'm physically capable to be there, I'll be there. I've shot weddings sick and with rolled ankles, it wasn't fun for me, but everything worked out and clients still got the best. If for some reason I'm physically incapable, I will have other videographers I trust there to capture your day and I will still edit everything. This hasn't happened yet, but we always have a plan.

What if something changes with our wedding date?

If some thing does happen to change with your wedding day, we can almost always work with you on that. As long as we are available all funds paid will simply transfer over to that date.

Do you offer drone footage?

Yeah! We are sometimes restricted by the airspace and location of your wedding, but if you are into it - add it on!